Funny - Young and Fun - (Single Sided)

Funny - Young and Fun - (Single Sided)

Funny - Young and Fun - (Single Sided)

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Are we there yet? I'm hungry! I have to go to the bathroom! Are we there yet? 
AC/DC playing on the stereo HIGHWAY TO HELL! 
How funny is this statement pillow? Does it sound like someone you know? Like maybe...Yourself? (haha) This is totally ME!


This statement quote on one side:
One minute you're young and fun. And the next you're turning down the stereo in your car to see better. 
Other side: plain beige cotton linen blend 

This is ONLY the COVER. (Does NOT included the pillow insert) Please go to the pillow insert tab and purchase the pillow insert. 

18x18 beige cotton linen, high quality workmanship, 4 dense seam stitching, with hidden zipper. 

This farmhouse, cottage style with a classic, rustic and clean looking beige pillow cover will go GREAT in any room,  patio or outdoor space. 

Perfect gift for anyone! Great gift for any occasion. 

Designed, packaged & handled with love & care from our small Michigan based company. (Husband, wife & 2 dogs team) 

5 star shipping & customer service. 


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